IHE Training Agenda and Materials

Implementing the NC Guidance Essential Standards Using the ASCA National ModelBuilding a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program

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Welcome & Introductions

Linda Brannan, Cynthia Martin, Tara Patterson 0000000000000000000000000000000

NCSCA Representative

Annual Fall Conference

Regional NCSCA Representative to discuss the

professional organization and the upcoming

annual fall conference in November. 00000000000000000000000000000

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Big Buckets

What do you need most from today's session? 0000000000000000000000000

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Addressing Student Needs in the

Era of New Content Standards - NC Guidance Essential Standards


Using the ASCA National Model to implement the new Guidance Standard Course of Study.

Graphic: Addressing Student Needs

Power Point Presentation

The presentation above will be used throughout the training session.


Reflection on Guidance Essential Standards

Log into Penzu.com to complete reflection activity

For I-Pads, you will need to download the free Penzu app



Online Resources

Explore the resources on the School Counseling

Wikispace & Live Binder sites

Select on to share with a colleague


NCDPI School Counseling Wikispace


ASCA National Model - NC Framework for School Counseling

Tool to implement the Guidance Essential Standards as part of a comprehensive school counseling program

Alignment with ASCA National Model:


  • Program Focus

  • Student Competencies

  • Professional Competencies


What do I know about the ASCA National Model and the relationship to the NC Guidance Essential Standards? What does a 21st Century Counselor do?


Review alignment with National Standards


Graffiti Write

Each group will write on chart paper as much as possible to answer:

What does a 21st Century School Counselor Do?

ASCA National Model Components


NC Guidance Essential Standards:

  • Preamble

Why is the Preamble important to review?

Group Activity by Candy Bar preference:

Preamble Scavenger Hunt - group activity & share ))))))))))


Scavenger Hunt Group Activity


Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

Review RBT and relationship to Proficiency Levels within the Guidance Essential Standards

Corduroy Activity


Corduroy Activity

Other Resources

RBT Question Stems

RBT Verbs/Proficiency Levels


Deeper Dive into the Guidance Essential Standards

Guiding Question:* What do students need to know, understand and be able to do?


Alignment with the ASCA National Model:

Delivery = 80% of time

  • Direct Services

  • Indirect Services


  • Assessment

  • Tools


Review standards/proficiency levels/clarifying objectives using unpacking documents & mini lessons



Use of Time Analysis

Program Assessment Audit

Direct & Indirect Services = 80%


Annual Agreement

Advisory Council

School Data Profile

Curriculum Lesson Plan



GES Worksheet - Alignment Activity

Proficiency level Beach Ball Game - use GES Poster


ASCA National Model - 3rd Edition: Framework for NC School Counseling Programs

Other ASCA National Model Templates and Resources

Program Assessment to determine alignment with ASCA National Model

School Data Profile

Use of Time Assessment

Annual Agreement with Principal

Curriculum Lesson Plan Template and Action Plan Template

Sample Lesson Plans from School Counseling LiveBinder

click link to find sample mini-lesson plans for each Proficiency Level for you to use to meet the needs that your school data indicates.
SC Strategic Plan: Closing the Gap Action Plan Template

Sample Outcomes/Results Reports

Formative Assessment Samples


Penzu Reflection

Addressing Student Needs in the

Era of New Content Standards using the NC Guidance Essential Standards



Answer the Questions on the Graphic regarding implementing the standards to meet student's diverse learning needs


0000Accountability/Data Literacy====Alignment with the ASCA National Model:====


  • Data Analysis

  • Program Results)))

Data Literacy


Types of Data

Data Analysis

Program Assessment Data

Dirty Data video
School Level Activity - Google Doc
Graduation Resiliency Report in NCWise


Data Resource for School Counselors
Article: Data, Data, Data: Steps and Tools for Planning and Using Your Data
on the LiveBinder website

Professional Competencies/Evaluation

Continuous Improvement

2008 NC Professional Standards for School Counselors


New School Counselor Evaluation

2008 NC Professional Standards for School Counseling

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School Counselor Evaluation Rubric

Penzu Reflection

Solution-focused Sharing!

Pulling it all Together

Creating a data driven comprehensive school counseling program starting with the Guidance Essential Standards
Where Do I Begin?Reflect on ASCA National Model as a tool))))))))
Work in LEA Groups to complete the Implementation Plan
21st Century School Counselor Graffiti - align activities with ASCA National Model using colored dots

Post-It Graffiti - Make 1 Share 1 - One way I will use the ASCA National Model to improve my school counseling program is: Share with new connection you made today.

Complete the Implementation Plan for the NC Guidance Essential Standards using the ASCA National Model


RttT Evaluation of Content Standards

Regional RESA Training


Complete the RttT Evaluation at the link provided to receive the CEU credit.