The Connected School Counselor - NCSCA Conference Extended Breakout Session 11/8/12

Power Point Presentation

What does a Connected Counselor Do? - Brainstorm with you group and post all ideas on the chart paper. Conduct a "Gallery Walk" to preview all the items on each chart that show various ways School Counselors are connected in their schools!

NC Professional School Counseling Standards 2008

NC School Counselor Evaluation Rubric - draft

Guidance Essential Standards

A. Preamble-intro.pdf
A. Preamble-intro.pdf
Preamble Scavenger Hunt Group Activity
B. Scavenger+Hunt Preamble Graphics pdf.pdf
B. Scavenger+Hunt Preamble Graphics pdf.pdf

Divide into groups by "candy bar" preference - complete the Scavenger Hunt

Guidance Essential Standards by Proficiency Level

Where are my curriculum connections?

What am I doing that aligns with the GES?

NCDPI School Counseling LiveBinder Resources
NCDPI School Counseling Wikispaces

Planning for Implementation of the Guidance Essential Standards

Where do I begin?

Evaluation of Session