Guidance Essential Standards "Unpacking Documents": "What do the Standards mean?" (These standards are the new guidance curriculum for students to know, understand and be able to do.) These are not the school counselor's evaluation standards as the Guidance Essential Standards are just one component of the comprehensive school counseling program.

Outcome Examples/Sample Lessons/Assessment Prototypes

Formative Assessment Sample - developed by Counselors from Wilson County Schools
external image msword.png Formative Assmt Planbullying.docexternal image msword.png EI SE 3 Conflict Resolution.docexternal image msword.png EEE C 1 1Goal Setting.doc

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy
external image msword.png BLOOM. English language.doc

Essential Standards Proficiency Chart ~developed by Renee Dilda, counselor from Wayne County Schools

New Guidance Curriculum Essential Standards based upon the Revised Blooms Taxonomy and the ASCA National Standards for School Counseling approved by the State Board of Education in Fall 2011.

external image pdf.png Preamble-intro.pdf

external image pdf.png Readiness-discovery.pdf

external image pdf.png Early-emergent.pdf

external image pdf.png Progressing.pdf

external image pdf.png Early-independent.pdf

external image pdf.png Independent.pdf