Data! Data! Data!

Find, Understand and Use Data to Develop Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

Purpose: To build capacity and regional professional learning networks to support the work of school counselors across the state in order to increase
student achievement and meet the demands of 21st Century education by:
  • To understand how to develop a comprehensive school counseling program that meets the needs of all students using data-driven decisions

  • To move beyond simple collection of data to using the collected data to solve problems

  • To understand the tools within the NC Framework for School Counseling (ASCA National Model)

  • To understand the School Counselor Job Description as it relates to the new School Counselor Evaluation

  • To ensure fidelity in the new school counselor evaluation process beginning in 2013-14

2013-14 Fall RESA Day 1 Training - Find, Understand and Use Data

2013-14 Fall RESA Day 2 Training - Evaluating School Counselors with Fidelity

School Counseling Fall RESA Training Handouts

Other Resources for School Counseling