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The information in the archived newsletters contained on this site is for historical purposes. While each newsletter was accurate on the date issued, some information may be outdated when viewed later.

Note that in April 2016, the School Counseling listserv was transferred to the GovDelivery platform providing enhanced capacity to share time-bound updates via email without the need for a newsletter format. Therefore, some listserv communications that would have previously been in a mid-month newsletter are no longer posted here since the information was not relevant beyond the dates of which it was shared.

July 2017
  • How to Have a Great Staycation
  • School Counselor July MTSS Update
  • Legislative Updates
  • NC Professional School Counselor Standards and MTSS Critical Components Crosswalk

July 2016
  • Legislative Updates
  • More Clarification on School Counselors and IEPs
  • New Online Module Especially for NC School Counselors
  • SBE Approves New High School Math Standards .
August 2017
  • Resources for Your Use All School Year
  • School Counselor August MTSS Update
  • Legislative Updates

August 2016
  • Colorado Saves $300 Million by Adding More School Counselors
  • Updated Guidance on Section 504
  • Reducing School Suspension with a Little Respect
  • New Trucking Operations Management Degree
September 2017
  • Planning for Comprehensive School Counseling
  • School Counselor September MTSS Update
  • Securing Funding for Your School Counseling Activities
  • Scholarships and Paying for College
  • US Senate Youth Scholarship

September 2016
  • K-12 College and Career Readiness Counseling
  • What Do We Mean by Compassionate Schools?
  • The School Counselor and Student Mental Health
  • School Counselors: The Key to Student Success Infographic
October 2017
  • NC Youth Mental Health First Aid Initiative
  • School Counselor October MTSS Update
  • New Federal Funding That Can Be Used to Support Student Services
  • Free ACT Preparation & More Provided by the U.S. Army
  • Student Awards in PowerSchool
  • Career and College Readiness Online Modules

October 2016
  • Educating the Whole Child
  • Is Forwarding Your Newsletter Putting Your Subscription at Risk?
  • Free Bullying Prevention Resources
  • American Red Cross Seeks Student Leaders
  • Update Regarding New SAT Scores
  • Update on Math Credit Recovery
November 2017
  • NC Alcohol Law Enforcement Cautions School Personnel and Parents on
...........Teen Use of Flavored Vapors and THC Candy
  • School Counselor November MTSS Update
  • Opportunity for High School Young Ladies Interested in Careers in Medicine
  • NC School Counseling Strategic Leadership Team

November 2016
  • School Hours and the Impact on Absences/Suspensions
  • Literacy Credits - To Be or Not to Be?
  • Davidson County School Counselor Curriculum Action Plan
  • Recent Announcement at the National White House Convening
  • NC School Counseling Strategic Leadership Team
December 2017
  • Disrupting School-Justice Pathways for Youth with Behavioral Health Needs
  • Students Making a Difference for Students and Our Communities
  • Congratulations!

December 2016
  • New State Superintendent of NC Public Instruction
  • School Counselor Resources
  • Undocumented Students DREAMer's Pathway to College
  • School Counselor MTSS Update
January 2018
  • School Counseling: We’ve Come a Long Way
  • Career Awareness K-12
  • Resources and Opportunities

January 2017
  • Research Supports Teaching Self-Regulation Skills
  • Resources Feedback from One of Your Colleagues
  • School Counselor January MTSS Update
  • Making the Most of PSAT/NMSQT
February 2018
  • Happy National School Counseling Week!
  • School Counselor February MTSS Update
  • Audit Finds Areas to Speed License Approvals
  • Career and College Readiness Course Modules Back by Popular Demand!
  • Special Update from CFNC and the NCSEAA

February 2017
  • Happy National School Counseling Week
  • School Counselor February MTSS Update
  • The NC Center for Safe Schools Moves to DPI
  • Student College Residency Determination
  • FAFSA Completion Rates Are Up
March 2018
  • School Counselors and Safe Schools
  • School Counselor March MTSS Update
  • The Elements of School Success
  • Recent Actions Impacting NC School Counselors

March 2017
  • You Could Be a Mental Heatth First Aid Trainer
  • School Counselor March MTSS Update
  • Survey for Your Feedback Coming
  • New Program at Catawba College
  • Updated Math Resource Available Online
April 2018
  • We Are the Leaders We Have Been Waiting For
  • School Counselor April MTSS Update
  • Right Combination for Middle School Success in Casar, NC
  • From the Fields of Eastern NC to a Bronze Star: A NC Student's Story

April 2017
  • Purple Up for Month of the Military Child
  • School Counselor April MTSS Update
  • School Mental Health Policy Approved
  • Are Your Students College and Career Ready?
  • Reach Higher College Signing Day
  • Helping Students in Troubling Times
May 2018
  • NC House Select Committee on School Safety
  • School Counselor May MTSS Update
  • Who did That?

May 2017
  • Considerations for Educators on the "13 Reasons Why" Netflix Series
  • School Counselor May MTSS Update
  • FYI - Lizzie Sider in NC
  • Revisiting the Path Forward: The State of School Counseling
June 2018
  • What's for Summer?
  • School Counselor June MTSS Update
  • Legislative Updates
  • Peer Support Programs

June 2017
  • Things School Counselors Can Do Now to Be Better Prepared for Next School Year
  • Suicide Prevention
  • School Counselor June MTSS Update
  • Legislative Updates
  • School Counselor Photos
June 2018 II
  • Your Input Needed
  • Legislative Updates
  • School Counselor Job Opportunites
  • School Counseling Research Request
  • Professional Development Opportunity


July 2015
  • National Consortium for School Counseling and Post-secondary Success
  • Welcome Dr. Tiffany Perkins, New Director of NCDPI Curriculum and Instruction
  • School Counselor and School Social Worker Not Interchangeable
  • Legislative Updates

June 2014
  • New School Counseling Consultant at NCDPI
  • New CFNC Resource
  • State Whole-Child Indicators
  • Summer - for Relaxing and Learning
August 2015
  • Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
  • Literacy Credits for School Counselors
  • Seeking Your Input for FAFSA Day
  • Legislative Updates

July 2014
  • Who Did That? (re: state decisions)
  • NCDPI Legislative Updates
  • Opportunity for Female High School Students
  • Highlights from ASCA Conference in Orlando
September 2015
  • Resources from Fellow NC Educators
  • Over the Mountain: How One School System Tackled Their Dropout Issues with
............Documented Success
  • How to Address Students Enrolling in On-line Schools
  • General Statute 115C-316.1 Duties of School Counselors
  • Legislative Updates

August 2014
  • 20 Things School Counselors Should Do Before
..............School Starts
  • Legislative Updates
  • NCDPI School Counseling Now on Facebook
  • Mark Your Calendars!
  • The At-Risk Report: Identifying Students Who
..............Need Your Support
August II 2014
  • Legislative Updates
September II 2015
  • Legislative Updates
  • CAST for World Languages Now Online
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Participation and Scores Up in 2015
  • NC College Application Week is scheduled for November 2 - 6, 2015

September 2014
  • Evaluation Begins Day One
  • Data to Identify Potential At-Risk Students
  • Your Feedback Needed!
  • Mental Health Supports for Schools and Parents
  • FERPA and PPRA Resources
October 2015
  • October is Bullying Prevention Month
  • Red Ribbon Week, October 23—31
  • Support Families in Stopping Underage Drinking
  • Making Your Own Great Flow Charts and Diagrams
  • Email and Other Electronic Transfer of Student Information
  • U. S. Scholarships for American High School Students to Study Abroad

September II 2014
  • Reminder: Webinar to Help You Collaborate with
..............Other School Counselors
  • School Counselor Survey for Your Input
  • U. S. Senate Youth Scholarship
  • Careers Poster Contest
November 2015
  • School Counseling Strategic Leadership Team
  • National School Counseling Week February 1—5, 2016
  • K-12 Career Guidance Essential Standards Resources

October 2014
  • National Bullying Prevention Month
  • New NC School Counselor Resource Launched
  • Let’s Revisit G.S. 115C-316.1, Duties of School Counselors
  • Building Capacity for Family, School and Community
December 2015
  • Multi-Tiered System of Support in North Carolina
  • NCDPI Transitioning to New Email Membership Listserv Software
  • The Wealth of Resources from SAMHSA
  • NCSCA Conference CEU Attendance Certificate and Evaluation

November 2014
  • School Counselors Do More Than You’d Think
  • School Counselors, Classroom Guidance and
..............Comprehensive School Counseling
  • What is a Literacy Credit? (note that this entry is now outdated and invalid)
  • Looking to Engage Parents
  • PowerSchool Training
January 2016
  • Reducing Teen Substance Misuse: What Really Works
  • Summer Study Abroad for Educators
  • College Signing Day for All Grade Levels
  • Letter from Arne Duncan, US Department of Education

December 2014
  • National School Counseling Week is Almost Here!
  • White House Convening on Strengthening School
  • FAFSA Day! New Scholarship Opportunities
  • School Counseling Legislative Day
February 2016
  • Happy National School Counseling Week!
  • School Counselors of the Year Honored at the White House
  • School Counselor and Student Opportunities

January 2015
  • Case Notes and Subpoenas
  • Friendship and Mobility Grant Funding for Study
..............Abroad in France
  • Free On-Line Professional Development
  • Ten-Point Scale and Its Integration in Blended Classes
  • Are You Interested in Being a Leader in School
March 2016
  • Why Have Elementary School Counselors?
  • Job Vacancies
  • Working Conditions Survey
  • FYI Announcements

February 2015
  • National School Counseling Week, February 2 - 6
  • Human Trafficking Resources for Educators
  • National Center for Homeless Education on Students
..............Living with Caregivers
  • Guidance and Resources on Access to Education
..............for English Language Learners
  • Reminder - CPR a Requirement for 2014-15 Graduates
  • The School Counselor’s Role in an IEP Meeting
  • Free Online Behavior Plans
April 2016
  • Department of Education Releases Resources on Improving School Climate
  • Give 5 Read 5
  • Job Vacancies
  • Financial Aid Award Letter Code from Sallie Mae
  • FYI Announcements

March 2015
  • Parents and Education Stakeholders Invited to Give
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Feedback on English Language.Arts.and Mathematics.Standards
  • Learn More About College Options at the Greater
.............Raleigh National College Fair
  • National Scholarship Fair Coming to North Carolina
  • Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
.............Research.and Information on Mental Health and
.............Emotional Outcomes
April II 2016
  • North Carolina Public Input Sessions for Every Student Succeeds Act
  • ASCA on the Every Child Succeeds Act

April 2015
  • The Roles of School Counselors and Resources
  • Legislative Updates
  • Stanford University Offers More Free Tuition
  • Summer 2015 Internship for Counselors in NC College Financial Aid Offices
May 2016
  • Latest Data on School Counselor Ratios
  • Implementation Science
  • Effective Practices Spotlight-Davidson County
  • FYIs

May 2015
  • A radical approach to discipline that starts with listening students
  • ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success
  • Legislative Updates
  • Academic Scholars and Other Diploma Endorsements
May II 2015
  • Legislative Updates
June 2016
  • School Counselors and IEPs
  • What Will Be Your Oxygen Mask
  • Update Regarding High School Endorsements and Transcripts
  • FYIs

June 2015
  • Ten Ways to Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate This Summer
  • Ragsdale Scholarship Initiative: Empowering Students an Era of Rising Tuition
  • Legislative Updates
  • U.S. Department of Education Awards School
..............Counseling Grants

K-12 Career Guidance Essential Standards Resources

The Wealth of Resources from SAMHSA

Financial Aid Award Letter Code from Sallie Mae