Day 2 Presentation - Evaluating School Counselors with Fidelity

Downloadable version of power point presentation is below

School Counselor Evaluation Rubric

Use rubric for self-assessment

Observations: Sample Activities for School Counselor Evaluation

Most current information will be found on the NC Educator Effectiveness Student Support Services Wikispace at the link below:


Comprehensive School Counseling Plan and Agreement - Developed by Miranda Witowski, Brunswick County Schools

Find, review and use data to develop action plans that meet the needs of your students. Share and discuss with Administrator/Evaluator.

ASCA National Model Forms

Closing the Gap Action Plan Form

PLN Think Tank Activity - Evidence! Data! and Artifacts! Oh My!

Using Data to Dive Deeper into the School Counselor Evaluation
Each "Think Tank" group will click the Google Docs to record your responses for your assigned standard.
The responses will for all the standards will be shared

2013-14 Fall RESA Standard 1

2013-14 Fall RESA Standard 2

2013-14 Fall RESA Standard 3

2013-14 Fall RESA Standard 4

2013-14 Fall RESA Standard 5

Google Doc Responses:

Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5

Training Evalutions:

School Counseling Fall Training Handouts