School Counseling/Guidance Curriculum Remodeling Session for the 2013-2014 Summer Institute

Greetings and Welcome,

The purpose of this session is to provide professional development to school district leaders on the implementation of the new School Counselor Evaluation Rubric.

During the 2013-14 Summer Institute, we will "dive deeply" into the various standards, elements, descriptors and ratings of the new School Counselor Evaluation Rubric. The collaborative work completed by each region will assist districts across NC to better understand the changing role of the school counselor and to ensure fidelity with the implementation of the new evaluation process beginning in 2013-14.

Pre-Work for LEAs to Review Prior to Summer Institute Session

Clink the link above for the pre-work that the LEA Representatives need to review prior to the Summer Institute Sessions.

The 2013 Summer Institute Pre-Work will assure that all participants for the Summer Institute Remodeling Session for School Counseling/Guidance have common knowledge.This information is a review of the material covered during the 2012-13 on the NC Guidance Essential Standards, the new School Counselor Evaluation Rubric and the Effective Educator Evaluation Process.

Summer Institute Participant Wikispace

This link will be used during the summer institute remodeling sessions for school counseling/guidance.